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Originally Posted by Nick G View Post
I have been trying to get springers to shoot with as small a sight picture movement as possible, mainly with the TX, but also the 77/97, 95,99 and lgu , amongst others
Now after extensive experimenting, I realise I was pretty much there already, I have tried 21mm and 23mm conversions, at all sorts of strokes and weights, and it now has come down to the law of diminishing returns, what you gain in one area , you lose in another, so I think its time to stick with the 25mm ally o ring job and just shoot the ruddy thing
Put it this way, I shot really well last year and won everything - Grand Prix Series (taking 1st at most of them), Paul James British Recoiling Championship, NEFTA Winter League, World Championships.

This year, I've won diddly squat.

Same gun, same internals, same batch of pellets.

The difference is, last year I practiced nearly every day, this year sometimes I didn't have any practice at all between GP's.

Having a nice gun can help make practice more enjoyable, but it won't win you any trophies without a boat load of practice.

If you've got time to fiddle with the internals of a gun AND practice every day, you'll be waaay ahead of the game. If you haven't got time - ditch the twiddling in favour of practicing.
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