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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Me too in my Mk1 TX, although I have one of Jon Budd's TX's with a lightened steel piston, and a HW adapter head running at about 77mm stroke and that's not bad at all either.

tbh I know some people love mucking around with the internals of springers to try to gain an edge and that's cool, I'm glad there are people around like that.

When it comes to knocking over targets in a competition though, I don't think it makes a huge difference what you run internally, it's like any gun used in FT. Whatever you've got make sure it's setup meticulously and it'll knock targets over.
I have been trying to get springers to shoot with as small a sight picture movement as possible, mainly with the TX, but also the 77/97, 95,99 and lgu , amongst others
Now after extensive experimenting, I realise I was pretty much there already, I have tried 21mm and 23mm conversions, at all sorts of strokes and weights, and it now has come down to the law of diminishing returns, what you gain in one area , you lose in another, so I think its time to stick with the 25mm ally o ring job and just shoot the ruddy thing
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