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Originally Posted by Mammoth View Post
Hi All!
Maybe Im blind but I cant find topic where I can say "Thanks" to People from Anston for good, challenge-able course..

Thank You!
It was nice mixture of tricky and normal targets which allowed us to fight for best scores, and also has enough nice targets to make happy beginners like my friend Kamil which managed to hit 40 points as the First Time Shooter..

And Also, We would like to say "Big Thanks" to Guys from His team for support and care

On Summary - This Year NEFTA HFT gauntlet was my first - and very excited one..

I had better and a bit worse comps.. We where fighting for 2nd and 3rd place very hard..
Paul Lawrence was above our reach so we concentrate on our little comps

Paul - You`re The Best! Im Sure that We will be try to be better competitors next Year
I will..

Simon - You are amazing shooter - Jumped over me and Chick so easy..
Congratulations.. !!
Chick.. You.. What You did with Your pellets..!!
1 point and it could look so different.. ehh.. but .. Who is swapping scope the day before comps.. ?
Only You..

This Hunter series - It was god time, spend with nice people.
I really enjoyed it.

Thank You and See You next time

Thanks Peter for your kind words, that's four on the bounce for me in recoil and I am just waiting for someone to take my crown( it could be you) so I can maybe switch to PCP and have a go at ChrisC, Dean and the rest of the PCP brigade who have it easy shooting kit that's very forgiving.
What I can't understand is coming 3rd with my springer in the sills only being beaten by 2 PCPs
Happy Days
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