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Talking Barriers in the mind

Originally Posted by avfc1982 View Post
really pleased i started this poll / thread as there has been some really interesting and well made points. Also just look at the poll results so far, kind of what i expected and hoped for. It is really clear that both disciplines are thriving and i believe that only friendly banter and rivalry should exist between the two.
QUOTE=chrisc;210233]It's a job well done...might have been a different story 10 years ago but things have moved on since then for most on both sides of the fence. You will always get the small percentage that will carry the chip on their shoulders forever but they're not worth bothering about IMHO......So much good has been done and as a shooting community are much stronger for it.[/QUOTE]

I like you, came back to FT about 3 years ago, after about a 19 year gap, I could not believe how the gear had changed, I sold my Ripley and leup for 250 when I gave up. The people are as great as they always were, so friendly. I used to range find by holding over , like they do in HFT so it was all new to me with the Big scopes. Regarding kit you can get a good rig and do it up so no need to speed loads of money.
I shot my first ever HFT comp the other week with my EV and taped over the spirit leval etc. really enjoyed it , and put in a good score to say it was my first one. The people were great also. I found no barriers at all, and people were using just as expensive kit as on FT scene. I will do some more HFT comps I loved it, like the relaxed atmostphere , some knowledge and FUN to be gained from both sports
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