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Originally Posted by shaun elliott View Post
... but what I want to know is why can't you use the ft sitting position in hft I can't lay prone as it hurts my neck due to an old rugby injury so kneeling and standing it is.

( You'd really have to ask Pete Sparkes but here's my version ) ...

When HFT was first introduced ( as we know it as UKAHFT ) by Sparky and a few other lads, it was a main concern to make sure that it didn't just turn into FT2.

The main differences that were introduced to make HFT it's own sport were ...

No sitting ( because that's what the FT guys do as their main position )

... and ... No adjustments of scopes that may help with ranging. ( because that's what FT guys do ).

It was hoped that it would be an attractive option for people who had a more hunting style kit. Prone was an alternative stance to sitting and a lot of hunters would shoot prone and use something as a support.

I'm sure Pete was also aware that shooting most shots prone ( especially HFT prone ) gave newbies, youngsters and lesser shooters a stable hold that could be learned quickly by most and help them knock down some targets. That will get them interested and keep them interested.

HFT has changed a lot from the very early days but those two main rules still apply.

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