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Neil ... it's only banter fella.

I've shot these peashooters for half a century. When someone tells me at anything up to 35 - 40 yards you can just go straight at it ... and forget the wind ... even 15mph ... I'm going to get the carrot out.

Bring the GS up to Quarnford's near Flash between Leek and Buxton ( about a million feet above sea level ). No breeze at home ... at Quarnford's you'll be giving it off plate at 20 yards.

50 yards ... HFT? Ah ... South West job ... got your own rules. Keep enjoying it fella.

Simon ... Ah the old inside of kill. The years I split the straight ones aiming bang on 3 or 9 O'Clock. Finally realised a pellet width inside will do the job.

One of my favourite memories. The guy at a Midlands Winter HFT shooting with me and knocking down 45 yarders in a decent wind coming in from the left. He claimed he never gives any wind with that rifle. " Just going straight at 'em buddy ". When we turned through 180 degrees at the top of the course he was then missing everything left by inches. Amazing how a 3 inch offset zero at 45y seems to take the wind out.

Any other names I can look for on the Nationals that are using Goldstars and doing well?
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