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I've not voted ........... I strongly believe in breaking any barriers left between the two sports as much as possible, and to be honest it's a ridiculous poll(even if tongue in cheek) , as quite a few shooters will know how bad things got at a few clubs, and I personally don't want to see that happen again.

Even my own club still has a zero range that you cannot lie prone on easily, without being contorted in an awkward position!!!I dont think it was done with any intention, but just think about that one, . Yes I love HFT and I have learnt so much and improved so much more in the last eight years than ever did in hunting the previous 30 years (shotguns and air rifles), and I feel I owe a lot to shooting whatever form.

I can remember not long ago pegs being loosened on courses as FT shooters went around mixed shoots. Thank goodness thats coming to an end and a lot of shooters are mixing it, which is brilliant. Also the mixed HFT/SFT/FT shoots such as the NEFTA winter league and the Paul James shoot are helping no end. I was very proud to achieve 13th overall this year shooting HFT style in the 55 yards James'y shoot, and Paul Lawrence shot an amazing score in HFT in the same event, but I do think we are a bit disadvantaged trying to rangefind over 45 yards, but that doesn't matter its part of the fun. Anyone who has shot the PJ event event will vouch at how fantastic it is shooting side by side with each other, especially with frustrating but enjoyable spring guns. Brilliant day.

Both disciplines are very hard to reach the top level in and I dont think there is anything in it for skill levels.

Slightly off topic but relevant.....I think that we have realised that we have a lot to learn from each other and that has got to be the way to go in times when we need to grow in strength due to looming pressures to licence airguns, but we will have to see the way it goes in Scotland first, but already there seems to be a harder line appearing due to lack of resources to deal with the numbers of shooters up there.

Sorry for going on a bit, but.............Let's stick together.

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