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The honest answer it's like rugby league V Rugby Union. They are in principle the same type of game but very different skill sets. I would argue that there is room for both games with players crossing codes regularly.

I agree the top shots are the tops shots and some guys shoot both disciplines and are always up there.

Yes there is a set up cost to FT but I've seen cheap rigs just as competitive in the right hands. Just ask some of the top spring shooters if their gun is inferior to a PCP and stand back.

Presently I shoot HFT after a brief excursion into FT. This is just because I like the way that you are forced into positions t find the shot, trying to miss twigs sticks, leaves and suffer scope error requiring a different skill set. When my body starts to creak more I'm sure I'll move to FT but without suffering any class distinction and then have to run through the wind calculation.

You only have to look at the manufacturers and the guns they put out tells you there is healthy support in both.

FT or HFT? Give me a course a gun and pellets and I'm happy to pull the trigger.
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