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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
The reg body on my rifle is only about 37mm long and screws straight onto the firing valve, the production GS reg is an internal one with a narrow external flange for the vent which has a short tube between it and the valve so the face the air res fits upto is about 60mm further forward. A production GS with a 325mm tube would be nearly as long as mine. The tube on mine is 425mm.
Got you, that makes sense. I may well modify mine after the end of the SWETFA season, as I am just getting to grips with rangefinding by eye and using a fixed mag scope again.

Skires, I use mine in SWEFTA HFT competitions and it is a lovely rifle to shoot, the weight is both an advantage and disadvantage at times as it it very light, this means it can be a bit twitchy on standing / kneeling / crouching shots, but I managed a tricky downhill stander with a target at the end of a pipe well, and a bunch of kneelers shooting through the slots in a pallet.

As for the wind, it is easier to judge the wind out to around 40 yards, after that you are in the same position as anyone else. I dropped a long shot in full wind on Sunday, but then did not give quite enough for the next target and saw the pellet split on the down wind edge. That said, anything out to around 35 to 40 yards, you can safely just go straight at.

I also like the fact that this is the least pellet fussy gun I have ever owned, I have fed mine with JSB and Air Arms, 4.51 and 4.52 and it seems happy with them all. I did try some COAL pellets from TAL, but they went all over the place, so I'm sticking with 4.52's for now.
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