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Originally Posted by LAity View Post
I see you have gone for a Vortex now ? How do you find it ?? I had to send mine back, no god at all ??

I borrowed one to see what they are like Rog, I love a lot of things about it but I didn't buy it, my eyes require me to set the px shorter than most folk which I found made it a bit parralaxy at 45y, don't get me wrong it is good, I am comparing it to my 24mm Night Force!

Colin, I am really happy with mine, Best regged action BSA have made and it shoots great but the stock is not to my liking. I prefer a vertical pistol grip and straight cheek piece. The stock is a big part of the rifles identity so it wouldn't be a Gold Star if I put the action in a different stock. And I have another very good BSA action in a stock I do like.
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