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I think it's got a lot better ( attitudes between the two ).

I was shooting FT courses in the early 90's but just shooting kneeling/standing on lowish mag. When HFT appeared @ 2001 virtually all FT shooters said that it was just FT2 and it would be gone in a couple of years and just blend into the FT mainstream.

It didn't ... and still hasn't ... and I see Cambridge is already fully booked with the max amount of shooters.

I also think, for those that are sensible, some of the intial boundaries have broken down.

In the early days of HFT you'd hear HFT shooters saying that they didn't want all the myther of fiddling around with scopes, rangefinding and dialling turrets etc. As people found that they could range in HFT with mil dots and other multi point rets, shooters probably take as much time looking through the scope and trying to range with the ret as a FT shooter does ranging with a sidewheel and setting the turret. I've shot UKAHFT Nationals where some shooters are pushing that 2 minute rule ... and that's for 1 shot ( you could listen to Bohemian Rhapsody ... twice ... when 'Old Pink Socks' was on a target ). I've shot FT and the shooters have ranged, dialled and shot two targets in under 2 mins.

A lot of FT guys used to think HFT was too easy. Then they try it and realise it's not as easy as they think on a decent course.

Expensive fully adjustable target rifles and very expensive scopes are being used in both sports.

One could say that you can start off in HFT with pretty basic kit and build up. Why can't you do that in FT? A s/h AR20 and a s/h decent ranging scope could be acquired for 500.

I think having both sports also allows shooters to take a break from one and try the other for a while ... or do both. I shot HFT for 13 years and then ( mainly because my eyes deteriorated ) moved to FT. I'm getting that itch again now to shoot some HFT and I'm looking at ways of getting around the eye issues.

Probably the most enjoyable shoots that I've done have been the Paul James Recoil Champs at Anston. All springers, but a mix of HFT and FT on the same course. I've shot it HFT and FT ( I got about the same score actually ... ahem ... not great ). It's been all FT winners so far. My HFT springer shooting has gone down the pan but I reckon a top springer HFT guy ( Kyle etc ) could push the FT guys if they have a good day. The courses have been a great balance.

They probably need to keep their own identities, and it will be interesting to see how HFT goes regarding major comps outside of the UK in coming years ( Worlds so far have been in the UK ), but I'd love to see more people trying both and maybe more comps with them both shooting together.

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