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Originally Posted by tugg View Post
I don't know where you get "hft weekend warrior" , I wouldn't mind betting I put in more hours per week shooting than most .
but we should not let this thread divide the two disciplines, both take an amount of different skills which can take us time to learn and master.
To answer the op's question , do all the ft clubs post their results on this forum because if the results section is anything to go by then there already seems to be more hft comps every weekend?
Weekend warrior is a popular light hearted term for people who wear camo gear. This post was not designed to cause decision in the disciplines and judging by the other replies it hasn't or won't. I'm sure both top HFT and FT shooters have put a lot of practice in to achieve there goals however there is no doubt that some of the top FT shooters I have met and indeed some I am yet to meet do have a gift and probably don't need to practice to the levels mere mortals do.
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