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Originally Posted by madplinker View Post
The top shooters in FT cannot beat the top shots in HFT at HFT.

None of the considered top 10 FT shooters have won the HFT world champs and vice versa
Didn't Pete Dutton shoot FT and was well respected as a decent shot. I don't know if Pete ever won the FT GP series or Worlds ... but he has won the UKAHFT National series and he has won the HFT World Championships. He's presently leading this year's UKAHFT National series.

Dave Ramshead is a FT shooter. I don't know if Dave has won the FT GP series but he has been a double UKAHFT National Champ.

Chris Cundey I'm sure shot FT at AA. Again I don't know if Chris won the FT GP series but he has won the UKAHFT National series.

The FT guys moving over to ( or doing both ) HFT was a good thing. It tidied up a lot of the original issues.

HFT prone stance is easier to shoot stable for most so is probably easier for newbies to get decent results. Mag is low though and lots of small kills, so it's not easy. Scoring system makes HFT a more welcoming option for newbies.

Both very enjoyable.

Wind is the shooter's worst enemy. Pellets are seriously slowing down beyond 45 yards so wind is far more difficult to cope with in that 45 to 55 yard range.

Hopefully in 3 years they are both still going strong and people are trying both.

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