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I don't consider HFT as a feeder sport for FT as they are both very different disciplines. HFT is about the ability to rangefinde by eye and the ability to shoot some very small targets on low mag, whereas FT does not have the rangefinding element as much (Due to the ability to use the scope) but shooting a target at 55 yards is much harder then 45.

Also with 360 shooting the HFT worlds each year and 170 plus shooting the nationals, HFT is going strong in its own right.

I agree with FT being F1 as the kit they use is amazing, I was looking at some of it on Sunday and from the jackets to the adjustable hamsters, knee risers, butt hooks, slings, and a hole host of kit, the equipment is like being in a pit lane.

Where as us HFT boys like a wooden peg and a fairly basic rifle and scope, so, stock car is a good analogy.

No matter what you shoot though, we all have fun and it would be good to have a bit more crossover in the future.
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