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Stance wise, I'm pretty similar to JerryD. Thumb up at side of action, hamster rests on gloved fingers. The little finger is round the knee and not doing much supporting. Most of the rifle's weight is on the second and partially the ring finger, but using a well padded glove it is difficult to separate the roles of each finger; they all contribute to the whole rest for the rifle; varying amounts of force are transferred through the padding on different fingers. This is why when I forget my target glove I might as well pack up and go home. Without the glove or it's hopeless. As on previous posts I'm convinced my main area of inconsistency is butt to shoulder fit.

I am yet to be convinced that making the action faster per se (by short stroking or other means) is the way forward. However I do think that changing the action characteristic has an effect but whether this helps or hinders a shooter depends on other factors too, mainly the hold/stance and stock fit and overall rig balance. My 97K is quite snappy and weighs a ton, but compared to my LGU with standard internals and slower action; the LGU is much less hold sensitive.
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