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Originally Posted by JerryD View Post
A good hand position so that the gun does not rest directly on the knee, but not off a great big hamster as that just seems to make it unstable again.Thumb up, and resting on the "L" of thumb and index finger, with 3rd finger and pinky wrapped around kneecap.
Thanks for that. I think this does cause me some problems.

Again due to the lack of knee height, the hamster on my 77 FT stock is set low. This gives a great depth from barrel to contact with front hand. The front hand has to sit on the front of the lowered hamster. I'm sure the extra height of barrel to contact adds more lateral movement of the barrel as it basically rotates around that front hand contact point. Scope mounts are already high. So if I was to reduce hamster depth the scope mounts would be step ladders.
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