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2 things I have found that help to achieve a nice stable shot with el springer:

1. short-stroking for a faster action: I have had my '97 done by Paul Short and the shot cycle is now fantastic. The short stroke he does uses a longer latch rod rather than a nose extension, so no weight added. Also, the comression cylinder and piston are buttoned and bearing'd so no metal-metal anywhere.

2. a decent target stock with some, but not too much, depth in the foreend. Adds weight to absorb remaining recoil, but the better fit makes it much easier to hold repeatably and stably. A good hand position so that the gun does not rest directly on the knee, but not off a great big hamster as that just seems to make it unstable again.Thumb up, and resting on the "L" of thumb and index finger, with 3rd finger and pinky wrapped around kneecap.

Works pretty well. Just need to get the trigger control a lot better!

Hereward FT&ARC
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