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I've found that I can pretty much put the tx where I want now it's in the cs1000. The finger on and off is something I do randomly now to give the rifle a better position on my knee. The only issue now for me is curing a temp related zero shift that doesn't seemingly affect the muzzle velocity. (Sound familiar?).

Mr Privetts tx hc isn't seeing it so I'm going to try another theory out before grabbing the same set of internals as he's using and trying that.

What I think in general is that at worlds level and aa you cannot get away with a stock that doesn't fit your position. You might have to play with its bias towards certain positions but it's got to work somewhere to start with.

It's worth noting that Mr ayers and Privett shoot over arm and I have long thought this allows a less compromised stock setup. But I'm not ready to go there yet.

I find myself drawing parallels with Motorsport these days where there's an element of the requirement to set the machine up as well as to drive it.

The springer project is on a back burner till I sort the shift out and apply what I've learnt to Pcp. But it's coming out in anger for Portugal.
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