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4 inch diameter rolls are normally Junior rolls. Adult rolls are normally @ 6 inches.

Devil's advocaat ...

The kneeling position is very varied from shooter to shooter.

For starters people ( incl. ladies and juniors ) have different sized feet and shoes/boots.

Some people sit with their foot quite vertical with the toe on the floor and their bum rested on their heel. That will give a large gap between the instep and the floor ( very much depending on shoe size ).

Some people let their foot go flatter to the floor and their bum sits on the bottom of the boot sole. This will give a small gap between instep and floor.

Some people have their backs up straight and maybe have their elbows close to their knees. Some people lean right back and have their fore arm rested all long their thigh.

If you read the kneeling position articles on the target sites, they tell people to not use foam or even polystyrene beads in their kneeling rolls. This crushes too much and doesn't give proper support to the instep. These rolls, if used properly, are to take your weight so that you aren't putting weight through your foot/boot. They advise hard beads that won't crush too much so you get support. They also advise against rolled up carpet as this is too firm and can be too hard against the instep/lower shin.

They advise to start with so much filling and then adjust by just 1mm diameter increments until you find that diameter that feels just right for you. Getting that diameter just right makes a difference.

So I can only imagine the problems of trying to have a set size knee roll on the kneeling lanes. It will fit some shooters better than others.

It's easy to probably just dismiss that and say ... FFS it's just a kneeling roll ... are you serious about 1mm variations?

Look at the money people spend on kit and stocks and hamsters etc. Making them fit just perfect for them. People are spending hundreds on a professional target shooting jacket. So a one size fits all knee roll at a world championships when positionals probably decide who wins it ... good luck.

So shooters will probably want their own. That means, as already mentioned, that it's something else to carry around. They shouldn't weigh a lot as mentioned. So maybe you could have a large, wide strip of velcro along the kneeroll and similarly on your rifle bag. You just stick the kneeroll to the bag and carry it around with that. I shoot a lot of targets kneeling and having a seperate, proper kneeroll is something I've considered for years and the velcro idea sprung to mind to save having to grow an extra arm.

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