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First of all, I would like to be able to thank personally each and every one of you who today, again showed why I am proud to be part of our shooting community.

Thank you! all 82 of you from both the FT & HFT stables who decided to come along to MVAC and make the “Alex Boddy charity shoot” a very , very special day.

Thank you! to our mystery bidder whose incredible bid of £300 help to raise a grand sum of £460 in our auction of the Mclaren F1 & P1 models, aptly pre-ceded over by Mr Gary Chillingworth, and how fitting it was that ”Judit Boddy” should win the P1, a car ”Alex” helped to design, and along with the incredible generosity of those who willingly supplied us with some great raffle prizes, (I would mention you all but I’m afraid I may forget some names) and everyone who either on the day dug deep into their pockets or who have sent in donations, have help raise over £1500 (finale amount to be verified and I expect it to be higher) for the “Roseamary Foundation

I could go on and on and end up sounding like an acceptance speech at the Oscars, Lol but there is one other person I would like to acknowledge for his hard work and relentless approach in helping to promote this event, without his help, today would not have been the huge success and fitting tribute to Alex’s Memory!.....thanks Nick.

A huge pat on the back to all at “Meon” who have helped over the last several months and the last few days in getting everything set up.

Jean, its always a pleasure and looking forward to our next encounter

A Great day, lots of smiles and P. taking (epically those boys from Wendover) Just the way Alex would have liked it.


Pic’s and results to follow in the next few days, but for now, its been a long day, I’m Knackered & it’s getting late.
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