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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Might use one my self sure gilly said last year they weren't legal In the midlands
What's the definition of a "legal seat" in the Midlands and is there a limit on how many of them you can have?

Seriously, this isn't an attempt to circumvent rules to gain an advantage, it's a trial. Personally I don't see a problem with carrying round a bit of foam roll, what advantage would I gain over rolling up a beanbag and putting that under my ankle? The difference would be that I couldn't gain support on my thigh and bum from a large puffed up beanbag.

If it works out ok, who knows maybe it might be adopted by the BFTA at some point? It could solve some issues and put an end to all the squabbling about the kneeling position. This isn't for that though, this is for a possible change in the kneeling rules for the Worlds in Portugal.
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