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Originally Posted by OzzyJ View Post
Fantastic day today. Didnt know what to expect having never shot there before but had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Cheers to all the course setters and those doing all the marshalling and logistics on the day.
Many thanks to Andy P for the invite (and the EV), wouldnt have even thought about it unless you had mentioned it and ended up bring a couple of guys with me who cleaned up in C Class.
Thanks to all those who took a few monutes to give me loads of excellent advice and especially my shooting partner Mike who not only gave me advice which led to a big PB for me but he also found time to win C-class after getting up a 5.30 and driving me all the way there (hope your insides calm down)
Just glad you enjoyed it Jonathan and you felt it was worth journey,glad to hear the EV is shooting well

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