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Originally Posted by Sniperdad View Post
You dont want to be in SA at the moment. Its thunderstorm season, and Two 1.5m/d shifts within 5 minutes is nothing strange, even 3 times in 1/2 an hour.It usually shifts, to which you adjust, then 10mins or so later it shifts back, meaning you missed twice. This happens as a weather cell moves over you and then passes, whereafter it moves back.
You can only react after you detect, and even with a Kestral weather meter, you cant pre-empt the shift.
Yeah that sounds about right! I saw 1 mildot shift 1st day, another mildot shift 2nd day, then 2 mildot shift 3rd day. Cumulative shift over three days = 4 mildots. Thats just whack!

The thunderstorm season started while we were there, with the first rains for several months falling over night a day or so before the shooting started. Those toads sure were loud at night.

The differences between our respective local conditions are the great unknown, unless you have prior experience. Great experience shooting the Worlds there though.

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