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Thanks for the honest reply Gordon.

My apologies for guessing the original cost was around 1000. I was 50% out. The stock does have wonderful markings and the engraving is lovely. The whole outfit is a nice thing.

I threw a price out there as I thought we would be here for ever with folk praising it's beauty but no one wanting to state a number.

Given that it cost 1500 then it suggests the sell on value may be 2/3rds that. It seems an insult though that a mint example only gets 2/3rds the cost. As we all know some special things go up in value.

It's really back to ... is there a lefthander out there that really wants this enough to pay you what you would be prepared to let it go for.

Given that it's so special and in mint condition I would put it up for sale at 1500 and see if anyone comes in, or what offers you get via pm ( you have probably already had some ). If you really want it to go and you get no offers at that price then you will have to have a figure in your head that you would let it go for and see if any offers come in over that.

I'd be harvesting my own body parts, to buy the new rifle, before I'd let it go for silly money.

Good luck fella.
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