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Thanks Simon

I've seen pics of your sitting stance. It's like the old fashioned one that Doe shows in the Youtube video.

I first went to an FT club about 20 odd years ago and remember the guys there trying to contort me into that position. I'm a dwarf with a long back and short legs ( ok ok and there's a bit of a belly ). I just couldn't get into that position and breath so I had to go for the front hand on knee and rifle on glove option.

I'll have a play with the back leg and see if I can get my arm around it. Thankyou.

Edit ... I've just given that stance another try. Never going happen. I just don't have the leg length ... knees don't get high enough up.

It's difficult to judge how steady I am ... or aren't. At this 20 yards I'm managing to hold inside the 15mm diameter ( just ). The only thing I really have to compare to is my prone HFT stance which was very steady with very little wobble.

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