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Default FT Springmen ... tucked under finger ( Robf ).

I've just been targeting the neighbours fence again with the 77. The bolt holes are exactly 15mm diam so very useful.

Only about 20 yards away ... but I can practice my sitting stance in the warm and look through the window whist it's chucking it down.

I remember Rob mentioning in a recent thread/post that he had tucked the second ( maybe 3rd ) finger of his front/gloved left hand under the stock.

I'd mentioned that I'd tried that but the groups ( on that day ) seemed to open up so I went back to just glove on front knee and rifle resting on glove, but clear of knee, with no supporting finger underneath.

I've just been messing around in the house and my aim at that 20 yard 15mm bolthole gets a lot more solid when I tuck that gloved finger under.

I know Rob and the rest of the springer guys have shot the Worlds since that last thread.

Has Rob, or any other springer men, got any further comments on that finger tucked under to give stability?

Have you found it's tightened groups ... made them worse etc ?

The other thing I've found ... the back end is all a bit wobbly still for me. I have my right elbow resting on the inside of the right thigh ( RH shooter ). If I just let it rest there the back end of the stance is all a bit loose. If I tense up that right leg and sort of push that right thigh in against that right elbow that tightens up the back end and the whole rear end of the stance seems to be more solid ... and the hold on aim is more stable.

Usually though ... tension and springers don't mix well.

Any thoughts on that please?

PS ... sorry about the lower case 'f' on the surname abbreviation in the title ... just a typo, and now I can't edit it.

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