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Originally Posted by Peter M View Post
Cheers Chris. It was just in case the boy wanted to come down as he has to get to his residential halls on a Sundays night.
I've no idea what to expect with shooting silhouettes mind, anyone care to point me in the right direction where I can find out what exactly it is?
Hi Pete, not sure if there's anything on the net...maybe google NEFTA Classic?

It's a standing discipline of 4 x banks of small targets. chickens x 5 at 20 yards, pigs x 5 at 30 yards, turkeys x 5 at 36 yards and rams x 5 at 45 yards. At our shoot you can choose to shoot them all kneeling if you like for 1 point each and 2 points each if hit standing. Will be a laugh and the Sillies are probably one of the best ways to improve your standing technique.
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