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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
All regions now have at least 1 or 2 AA's of some standing to keep heads down. But yes where that ceases, that's an issue.
Yeah, didn't know each region had AA shooters, that's good to know and great for the sport.

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
But the 5% is an issue where a grade is only 10% wide. That means anyone above the middle of that grade is potentially going up a grade.
Indeed, guess the only thing to solve that is stop the 100%, that may curb it a bit but is the total solution.

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
All the regions go up, ( i think, even taking shooters out with a handful of scores) because there are only 1-2 regions where the 100% shooters of the GP series that hit close to 100% consistently, hit that in winter and vice versa.

If you look to CSFTA and SWEFTA, both with world top 10 shooters in AA, both have %'s running about 7-8% higher in regional grades than they do in their GP series (over similar amount of shoots)... which means (as they are both leading) that everyone is likely to be doing the same below them, or even more % gained if the courses are considered easier than GP (which have more standers for instance).

Whilst one could argue all regions are the same, we know their not, and 30-40 shot courses ad another skew.

Depending on how you weight your shooting will depend on how your grade is biased. And against another shooter who is biased the other way, there will be a discrepancy all other things being equal.
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