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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Whatever normalisation function we use there will always be outliers.
I've played around with loads of them Bri and like you suggest none of them are perfect, the best was P Factor but even that needed fine tuning and is very complex to explain.

I guess in NEFTA and MFTA we are pretty much kept in check due to the high number of AA shooters, so our grades would only be out (higher) by a small % (5). Because it's all relative I'm not sure it's that much of an issue. I guess where no AA are present and 100% is hand out you are going to see more people in the wrong grades, no data to look at so I can't say.

I know Simon updates the grades monthly when he has time and I love that, but I love it move if the data was a fresh post rather than a cut and paste so we could actually track some movement monthly. That kind of data would help you map everything and identify changes.

I do this every year for the lads at the club

I'd love it all to be online I know you're not that big a fan but trust me you're wrong

C Grade at the GP was a strange one this year, felt like everyone at the top end at crossed the fulcrum and stopped Yo Yoing around and you had to shoot like a top B Grade Shooter to win. That's going to happen, it's just this years about 10 of us hit that level at the same time. 43 to win in C (Hello Jason) and Mike kinda had a point about what does it take to win a trophy in C because usually you'd expect those scores to be 31-35.

I know there's talk of C being a one way grade and at first that appealed to me because there's nothing worse than a Bandit coming down on .22 and lifting 8 of the trophies, it sucked big time, it sucked even more that he didn't collect any of them! But you can see the same thing happening between AA and A, where you are probably only ever two shoots between each grade.
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