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You know what.. I was thinking ( too much last time.. ) and I have an idea..
But before it, I need to introduce You in to the Our little word..
What it the Chomik Project..
This is it:
A bunch of amazing people, who are making really big things without any outside support..
The Idea Chomik (Hamster) Project is - Whatever You bring - Will get back.. plus a littke bit from others.. No sponsors or big money..
But They doing everything relay on Their own income which is.. Polish.. a bit less than ours .. so soon as I landed in Yorkshire, I started supporting them .. with self made targets, and last time support from Our club, and NEFTA as well (badges for example)..

I Think its worth to help them grow, They have amazing idea for promoting shooting, and big heart to do it..
I will be do it anyway, no matter what, but there is place for my little idea I pointed on top..

Id like to find a"sister" club for Them.. where we can find way to help each others .. Simple things like banners for example - Our banner on Their comps.. Their on ours.. help to bring Their people to Our comps.. and help Ours guys to take part in Theirs.. ..
Be Nice to see on comps banner " in partnership with Chomik Project"..
And Im sure it will be nice to see on pictures from Poland - banner ; In partnership with .... club"..

To be honest.. I was quietly thinking of Pontefract ARC because m part of this club.. but, if Other club will want to join partnership with Chomik project - Il be more than happy to help You growing.

What do You think..?

By the way.. The 3rd spring in last NEFTA Hunter Summer comes from Tawerna..
Spring powered target knocker..

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