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I have nothing really to say about gradings, as SWEFTA has, since the late 1990's, had different courses and separate grades. This is for historical reasons that we really don't need to go into here. It is enough to say that it has always worked to a degree, certainly well enough for the very best shooters to hold AA grades in both organisations.

Regarding coverage; I understand that Terry Doe is happy to publish articles that are sent in, and here is the stumbling block, copy needs to be written, and where HFT is still growing and is full of enthusiastic people happy to give their time, FT has a much smaller dedicated band of people who are already giving more time than they can sensibly spare. Also, in order to cover and entire GP series, you need either a single writer who is shooting the whole series or a number of writers prepared to get the copy written and submitted in a timely manner, not three or four weeks later when they have a minute, but the week after the shoot.

Sorry, this is off track, but it's something I know a little about.
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