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Default Wheres this thread leading to..


This thread was started regarding grading etc..

All I seem to be reading is what is wrong with the sport etc.. Every sport evolves for different reasons..

If you look at this season, Jack Harris has pretty much won most this year and how much would his kit cost to buy, i know lads in HFT that have spent far more on a single rig than what Jack spent (or his dad at the time)...

I love FT but I really do enjoy HFT as well.. Thats why I'm looking forward to a change next year..

Where the comment about FT being a snobs sport is utter trash. It is like any sport you compete in, it is all about what you can afford..

The price of rifles has gone up dramatically over the years and so has scopes..

A Sightron is about 1000 new. A leupold 2.5-8x36 is 1200 roughly.. So does it matter how much kit costs when it is down to the person buying it...?? very doubtful..

Now where FT needs to improve is coverage.. Whether that be magazine, internet etc. This is where the sport struggles. Thankfully Martin is on board now and has lots of fresh ideas that should help massively..

People being negative in certain ways will only make the sport look more unprofessional, which will be a shame. It is becoming a more world wide sport with so many new countries getting involved that if we are not careful we will not keep up and slip some what..

Love ewe all...

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