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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post

I think HFT is far more attractive to new and young shooters. They can start with cheap kit that their parents can afford and the scoring system gives them a lot of encouragement .
If a total novice asks me about my kit and they will at Weston Park , the first thing they say is how much was that. FT is a snobs sport compared to HFT and I don't mean that with any disrespect to HFT ,top end HFT is also very high spec but you can have lots of fun at entry level.
Maybe FT needs a novice class ,bring back SFT . Come and enjoy our sport with your BSA meteor and 9 mag scope that you have had for years !
I wouldn't say it's a snobs sport, it's one driven by the latest technology and always has been from what I've seen and I've had my *** whooped by someone with a BSA and 7 mag scope (Hello Coop Dawg) so it proves the old adage that you can't buy targets if the div unit is bust.

HFT gets more coverage in the mags than FT, so maybe that would be a place to start. HFT has overtaken FT in prizes, sponsors and coverage that's for sure.
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