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Default Hft /ft

Attracting more people in to compete is a completely different issue I think, one that HFT as overtaken FT in, we need to present and publicise a lot better, we need to look like we not dropped out of a 1970's magazine and secure coverage and use social media a lot better.

I do take your point tho and we do have to look at finding a solution to the drop off.[/QUOTE]

I think HFT is far more attractive to new and young shooters. They can start with cheap kit that their parents can afford and the scoring system gives them a lot of encouragement .
If a total novice asks me about my kit and they will at Weston Park , the first thing they say is how much was that. FT is a snobs sport compared to HFT and I don't mean that with any disrespect to HFT ,top end HFT is also very high spec but you can have lots of fun at entry level.
Maybe FT needs a novice class ,bring back SFT . Come and enjoy our sport with your BSA meteor and 9 mag scope that you have had for years !
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