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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
The point is, you want more bfta shoots but the GP series on average is down on numbers, The euros for the last three years is averaging just over a hundred the bfta masters and the showdown has struggled as well??? No point in adding more bfta shoots to the calender if we cant fill the ones we currently have all ready..
That's not my point at all, if you are going to have accurate grades then the playing field needs to be level as possible and everyone has to shoot the same courses, 12 isn't enough IMHO to get an accurate years worth of gradings/readings.

You don't have to fill every peg to make it work or worthwhile. NEFTA get's twice as many as MFTA and I don't think any less of MFTA at all, it's not about the numbers turning up and I don't think it ever has been Marc, for me it's the quality and enjoyment of the courses, I enjoy both a lot otherwise I would drive to them.

Attracting more people in to compete is a completely different issue I think, one that HFT as overtaken FT in, we need to present and publicise a lot better, we need to look like we not dropped out of a 1970's magazine and secure coverage and use social media a lot better.

I do take your point tho and we do have to look at finding a solution to the drop off.
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