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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
Yippe I just found the multi quote button !

18 times round the country in a year, a non starter for about 95% of the shooters would be my guess.
Plus its hard enough finding enough clubs willing to host a Bfta shoot just for the summer. Not an option for me.
I never liked this 100% for hiiting 29 targets, but how does the alternative work with different shoots in different conditions around the country?
Fair do's if you can't make it and I take your point.

What I was suggesting was you remove the 100% and therefore just use the actual targets hit but we've been here before and it will never happen as they seem to like that C Graders are not only shooting against the the hardest course but also the World Champion

The trouble with changing the system Martin is people under stand our system after many years of use, and as I keep saying they like it. Most don't think its broke so don't want it fixed.
I still believe, like kneelers and other subjects this is only being raised due to a hand full out of 600 active ft shooters?
I don't mind it.

Don't hand you card in, no prize?."I`ll hand our cards in Martin, opps I forgot to hand yours in."
Hard luck? Not an option for me.
I never let anyone hand my card in for me, so this won't happen. Problem solved.

Are you volunteering to host Martin? I have the time to do the Membership and grading officer bit, but not the ability to host the Excell spreadsheet on line. Way beyond me, I think!
You can do it on Google for free, takes five minutes to learn and I'll help. If you don't have time, then Yes I'll help.

I think the dropping scores accounts for family / Holidays or just a plain equipment fail, the idea being the best shooter wins, not the one who turned up most?
Nah get rid of it, it's crazy that you can win by not even showing up or get to pick which days you shot, I just don't agree with it.

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