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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
Yippe I just found the multi quote button !
Oh grief

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Your thinking of people with full rolling 20 though? Some one as I pointed out with my own "Bfta" grade of only 5 results, could drop from AA to A or as in the problem with Csfta from B to C in one shoot with a 70%, which does not look like a thrown score, just a bad day at the office. However you will still then have the complaints from the lower grades and we are back on the roundabout!

Allot of shooters, usually new shooters only have a few results and a good or poor result has a far more dramatic effect on the grade then, definitely much higher than 1%
If you have a look at what I said a while back, those below a certain amount of shoots the grading officer would be given discretion by the committee to rule on a grade.
That is also coupled with removal of outliers which get rid of the extreme %'s.

It works both ways because I'm sure someone who once put in a 100% doesn't want that to hold them in AA which would be the case with 1 x 100% and 19 non AA scores of the right %'s. Do you think that's right?

Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post

Using my bad day at the office, its not always obvious at all. Believe me Rob, over the last 4 yars I have highlighted (to myself) quite a few shooters that have done something similar. Some more often which does make you think they are throwing scores. However, there are many shooters I know well that just happen to shoot like this.
Its almost impossible to detect if a shooter is clever, the only shooting 10 targets is not a clever example.
My example (Bfta and wafta) was to highlight that it can be done undetected, I would be surprised if you thought shooter X was so obvious you would approach him or her?
partial shoot i would not enter.
I was pointing to your example Si... all it showed was that when you did it, it was obvious. That doesn't mean all methods of grade throwing are obvious. Not all grey things are elephants.

I would look for a solution if it was say in CSFTA, or a league I was in, but the issue is that the grades we use for national league aren't generated from the league i'm in. As you've said, for many, most of their grade %'s are generated from grades from outside the league.

The primary motivation for the suggestions i've had isn't about ringers. It's about shooters who are exceeding their grade by say 10% being mid table in their grade because people are exceeding their grade %'s by 15%, and the next season, despite there being only a 10% gap between grades, and them doing an average of 15% over that grade, they only move up, one grade, so the whole thing starts again. That's because some shooters grades are depressed by winter league and other shoots, and some are elevated.

If you want me to show that, or you to disprove it, put the average BFTA scores in one column and the person's non BFTA average in the next... 2 numbers side by side for the GP shooters. Then see if there is a difference.

I can do it the hard way if you like, but i'm sure you would find it easier. We could then also look as to how many have 1-2-3 BFTA shoots and which maybe a problem, and those that dont.

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Good grief, me and rob on the same track lol
Dont make a habit of it. People will talk. (Justin mostly) (Ignore the people bit Justin)

Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post

Quite so, he needs to talk to Gilly, its every target, not 2.

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