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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Sure they can check their own

The old data will not be removed. It's not old data. It is the only data. The rolling 20 is not grading. Until the grades are published its just a list of scores.

The idea that a shooter can suddenly do better. Did you or I not decide to do better in Lithuania? Did Martin not decide to do better in C? Who goes to a competition and thinks I need to shoot better today and thinks that actually makes a difference to the pellet in flight?

The word you are looking for is DESIRE Rob, speak to Gilly about it.
Eg, I was really knackered after 3 weddings in 2 days for Sunday's showdown.
My intention was turn up, shoot, get badge go home. No real interest.

however, rd 1, got the Rat! No problem, till I am told there is a 1 bet on it as he is going to kick my thing lol Cheeky sod, he is having it, ramped my game up, so yes, I and I expect other top shooters can lower and raise my game at will. Perhaps its just me, but I tend to do it often.
You highlighted my Sweta % compared to my Bfta one, I am trying to win swefta, so I have upded my game. There are other shoots where I "just shoot".

The problem with the old data is that it is old data, shooters are looking at it and thinking its current, thus it causes them grief and myself. That's why I have asked for it to be removed.
BFTA Grading Question to

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