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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Ok, so there's a firm idea. All shoots to count.
I've never really understood the dropping of shoots to start with, get rid of it, the field is equal then, no picking your shoots for an advantage.

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
What I could do with is a little bit of detail on what trophies are handed out, are there any on the day, or all just at the end of the series?
For the BFTA Winter League there are no Trophies on the day and it's all end of season. Dependant on the numbers we go 5 or 10 deep across grades.

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I've got no issue with visible data, as long as it's relevant and helpful. I know the philosophy behind pulling out a positive of a situation and grading can be an aid to that. It's just that when the actual purpose of grading is so widely misinterpreted it becomes very hard to change it with evidence that it would be for the better.
Well, if someone actual wrote something to go along with those numbers it would help a great deal as well as putting a notice saying FINAL GRADES ARE DONE ON XXX AND XXX It's not hard stuff really. Perhaps have Bri write a Dummy's Guide.

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
It all goes out the window if you agree that grade boundaries should reflect roughly equal fields (ie not 50 in C and 10 in B)...because the only way of doing that is either some real solid data that can make predictions, or retrospectively, but in either case the boundaries for the next year would be unknown in the current one. So while you may use it to shoulder rub with your fellow grade competitors currently (which the series scores do anyway), you'd have no idea if next year you'd be doing the same, even if the rolling 20 were published.
Stop crushing my dreams Rob Have you never looked a football table and gone "if we could only just"! Trust me it's newsworthy stuff, check the back of any newspaper, they don't seem to struggle with it

All we need to do is convince Shaun to write two paragraphs per grade, people loved his reports, more of it I say.

I've always bugged Simon for the data so I know what I need to do, I found it useful, some won't but I knew that if I could increase my average by two targets per shoot I'd get out of C by the end of the MFTA summer league. Knowing that helped but not everyone is that interested in stats and stuff.
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