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Originally Posted by RobF View Post

The percentage based around the top shooter is a method to allow you to drop a score.

It's assumed that the top shooter in a series will be of roughly the same performance therefore it allows a comparison to be made. You cannot use targets because on an easy windless day you may hit 40 and on a hard windy course you may hit 20. That means your position in the league may be elevated by you choosing to avoid windy shoots.
Then count every shoot, simple, how can you win by not showing up? In FT apparently!

I've never been a fan of the false 100% and never will be, give me the facts and reversible % any day of the week.

Look here at the difference in % from pure hits vs top shooter/course, it's out by 5%

Yeah I know it's all relative but still and that would boot a few people out of A wouldn't it!

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
The solution to that is all shoots count in the series. All 7 gps.

You can't arbitarily make 18 shoots. There are the national shoots and the others aren't.
Why not? BFTA Winter League, one shoot in each region for example. I'd do them all.

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
But if you did make all shoots count in the gp series then you would have to hand your card in because all the trophies would be for the series or the day you attended. There'd be no need for grade % because you could use the position in the series. There'd be no need to publish 20 because youd be able to see the series. Make all the other shoots opens without grades (which many are). Leave the regions to their own series.

It solves a lot of issues.
Visible data is great Rob, use it to further the sport and create talking points, make it look nice. I'm a big fan of grades, leagues and updates, I any many others at the bottom love this stuff. I know you and Bri are fans of Si updating the grades as we go but I love it.
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