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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
OK let's get radical then, if only BFTA Organised shoots count to your "real" grade, let's have 18 shoots per year and split that into two seasons, grades are updated after 9 shoots and rolling count is 18.

Let's stop award 100% for actually not hitting 100%, all it does is falsely inflate the scores/grades of those below.

Let's get rid of Mean as an average and just derive the actual and factual % from the number of targets hit.

If you don't hand your card in, you are excluded from winning anything that season.

Let's publish all the data online and keep it online so everything is visible, I know some of the "elders" don't care for things being published or updated but it's news worthy and interesting if presented properly.


The percentage based around the top shooter is a method to allow you to drop a score.

It's assumed that the top shooter in a series will be of roughly the same performance therefore it allows a comparison to be made. You cannot use targets because on an easy windless day you may hit 40 and on a hard windy course you may hit 20. That means your position in the league may be elevated by you choosing to avoid windy shoots.

The solution to that is all shoots count in the series. All 7 gps.

You can't arbitarily make 18 shoots. There are the national shoots and the others aren't.

But if you did make all shoots count in the gp series then you would have to hand your card in because all the trophies would be for the series or the day you attended. There'd be no need for grade % because you could use the position in the series. There'd be no need to publish 20 because youd be able to see the series. Make all the other shoots opens without grades (which many are). Leave the regions to their own series.

It solves a lot of issues.
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