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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
There is. Not handing a card in only effects you, you get no grade and no score.
so you don't go up a lauge table as you gained no points

You don't drop down a grade if its a poor score, thus you are still friends with those in the lower grades.

No brainer, we only want people going up grades really (or staying put), not down, thats where the problems come from!
As explained before it doesn't affect the grade because even a 20% drop on the day only drops your grade by 1%.

Also if outliers were removed then it would make no difference.

On one hand you say grades provide an incentive to improve and on the other hand you are willing to ignore grades which provide that incentive to improve.

Any system has to be fair and consistent. We all don't understand the inner workings of a computer yet we are happy to use them.
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