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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
I think all scores should be submitted from all regions. At the end of the day it does not matter how easy or difficult the shoot was ,your score will only reflect how you shot out of the people that attended.
True. So if the god of FT turns up, chances are your score will be lower than if it was a club newbie shoot.

The other issue is that as comparison to windy and windless scores show, easier or harder shoots/courses change the concentration towards the top. An easy windless course shows everyone bunching towards the top. A hard windy condition sees grades spread much further away. Thus your A's and B's drift on a tide.

We can't control the weather, but regional courses can be shown by the data to be 5-10% (depending on the region) higher scoring... which is a bit of an issue if your grade boundaries are 10% wide. It means that most people will be shooting scores that compared to a GP will be a grade higher. That's all well and good if that a shooter shoots the same competition, but for a shooter who elects not to have a score go in, or a region, or whatever else, their scores can be depressed in comparison to a shooter that puts each and every one in.

Another issue is that on a GP course, say we say top score is average 47, each target is worth about 2%. But on a 30 shot course, each target is worth about 3.5%. So if your AA misses 4 targets off top they are almost out of a AA grade for that course. Whilst the occasional lower score really has little effect on a rolling 20 (you can drop 20% on a shoot and only see a 1% change in your grade), several together can be an influence up or down. So we really are mixing up the fruit basket a bit by comparing apples and bananas.

In the old days some regions put in scores, and some didn't, which lead to a discrepancy between shooters when they all met in the national series. Now that's been resolved it's just thoughts as to how to get the system better for all.

One thing that has been raised is that outliers being dropped. They would only be hidden till they became important again. So if you put in a 100%, that would go, but put two in and the 100% may not be considered an outlier. Similarly if you put a 30% because you forgot to do your scope mounts up, that would have no effect, but keep forgetting to do them up and down you'd move.

Hopefully that makes some sense.
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