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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Im a big fan of the grades and no matter how many times Rob says it (not a league), it's not how people see things or treat them and I don't see the problem with seeing it as a league, it's not done football any harm and us lot in C have had a great battle this year. FT should embrace it, at least you'd have something to report on and if you had all the data saved you could plot progress. I know I'm not everyone but getting out of C has fuelled my practice and petrol bill, it gave me the drive to do better and get out there.

I'd keep the system as it is but work on making it more accurate, use the data better and have everything (including rolling 20) online.
The problem with it being seen as a league is those that do that often get upset when the brackets are changed or when the results of grading and competition don't correlate with their expectations. This conversation if happening because of that.

The league you should be interested in is the one you compete in. There are no trophies or places in grading.

The data is accurate. The scores used are the ones you'd done. They aren't wrong. However using it better I and others feel would mean using the correct data in a different way, in a proper statistical manner. There's no need to see the rolling 20 (the 20 being an arbitrary number of samples) because as has been said before, we all shoot to the best ability so you cannot change where you will end up... especially if the grade boundaries move. Knowing the 20 serves no purpose. Knowing where you are in a league is of interest.
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