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Originally Posted by Sake-San View Post
Many thanks again to everyone for all the help and guidance. If I may pose one last question...
Does anybody happen to know if the 45-55 gaps on the new FT versions are any different to those of the standard models?
If you're after more width on the gaps on the new scope you simply don't need it as the range-finding of these scopes is excellent already, you simply don't need huge gaps to range effectively.

The only thing that bugs me about my SIII is how easily the windage turret can get accidentally turned, this has cost me targets in competition.
The new FT model now has lockable turrets which pretty much solves the problem.

Regarding the illuminated reticle, I've never used mine in 9 months; I have always been able to see the unlit reticle, even in dark woodland.

I would just add that personally I think the MH reticle is absolutely perfect, informative and yet not obtrusive like mil-dots can be sometimes.
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