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Throwing this in from a newbies perspective (2 ½ years shooting) My first year (2013) I was encouraged by Keith Gilyard to have a go at the NEFTA winter league which I did. 3 shoots in I was graded B and was chuffed to bits that I’d bounced past C. End of the league and I managed to come 4th in B grade. Winter 2014/15 I put the effort in and saw the results winning B grade. I then managed to up to A grade where I currently sit about 10th from the bottom in NEFTA. Over summer 2015 I have done 2 GP’s and they are my only experience of BFTA comps that would count on the proposed scheme. There is no way I would have felt any where near competent to attempt one any sooner, as such, I wouldn’t currently have enough shoots in now to even get BFTA graded under these proposals.

Had this been the way when I started out, I wouldn’t have had anywhere near as much fun and enjoyment out of our sport as I have under the current system. You know where you and the other lads are, you know where you want to be and you push for it. To take that away from newbies, IMO, is doing them a dis-service.

Re post above citing that newbie could shoot along side a world champ as the sport is flat, is no bad thing. As in every sport there are those who’d tell you all day long how they think you should do something but when you look they are not always that great a shooter themselves. Getting to shoot a round with the likes of Ian Taylor or Andy Calpin has been a bonus. Its been good to meet others in the sport that have really proven they can shoot and just watch what they do and maybe learn a thing or two.

I for one really hope you vote to keep it as it is.

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