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The SWEFTA system will place shooters in a grade in 2016 based upon their league results in 2015. There is no legacy from earlier performances, except if a shooter has done fewer than four shoots in 2015 they will keep their 2014 grade position.

There is also no regrading during the season, except for new recruits who are placed in the appropriate grade once they have three scores to their names. In my time as comp sec and scores sec, the officers would look at the three scores and make a considered judgement. If the person's average indicated say A grade, but that had been lifted by one good shoot and the other two scores were clearly B scores, that person would go to B.

This is how it's been for some considerable time.

I had a long series of talks with Phil Tetstall when he was doing the BFTA grading, and we discussed how SWEFTA shooters might be integrated into the BFTA system as hitherto the BFTA had refused to accept our scores as our courses weren't built to the same design codes as BFTA. We had more reducers, and longer inch kills, 45 yards, and we also permit reduced kill positionals out to a certain distance. The question was, can a person's scores on that kind of course be merged with their GP scores or are the baselines so different that it would end up giving inappropriate grades?

Phil and I came to the conclusion, by looking at what specific shooters in this region achieved at GPs, that if anything it was harder to get a good score on our local courses than at GPs. Of all the shooters we looked at, only one did better at GPs. That is in terms of targets knocked down, not percents. So on that basis we agreed that BFTA would accept SWEFTA scores, IF the shooter wished to have them used in determining his or her national grade.

The rule in SWEFTA became, if you want your regional score to be used by BFTA to calculate your national grade, you have to elect for that to happen and you tell the scores sec to forward them. This election is only for one year, and you can't cherry-pick. All the scores go in, good or bad. If you want to do the same next year, then tell the scores sec, as the default position is, the election lapses at the end of the season.

SWEFTA has had some shooters who were keen for their scores to go in, and others who were adamant that on principle their GP grade should be based ONLY on their GP performances.

I'm putting this forward as an ex SWEFTA committee member, no offence to the present team who do a good job.
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