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It's interesting.

My thoughts are that it reflects performance better within the GP series, but that the boundaries need moving to equal out the amount of shooters, that regions should suggest a starting grade (based upon presentable evidence) for new shooters, and that the amount of shoots could drop to 12 (to reflect a season, even though some shoots may be last year). For those shooters who have 'gone cold' on GP series shoots, it may need a little more thought... perhaps a minimum amount of shoots in a year before the region has to suggest another grade.

There's always going to be shooters either side of the arbitrary line we draw in the sand, but if we apply the data from a consistent source, in a fair manner, then there's less room for argument about it being unfair.

We can pick anomalies to support either stance, but an example of how non national shoots could affect things is that Steve Privett is 23% behind the top grade in Piston despite being 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively over the past 3 years in the GP series.

What it does remove is the 5-10% swing that shooters below the top 10% see when their regional scores are used, which depending on the ease of the courses can see them move up an entire 10%, which is the width of some grades.

With grades being taken from BFTA, next summer they are more likely to be with the shooters they were with % wise at the end of the last season. Whilst it doesn't take into account any dramatic performance increase or decline in winter, it could be argued that with 5-7 scores out of 20 being used that was happening anyway.

As ever grades are a tool to predict the season's performance, it's not a measure or ranking.
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