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Default update and an appoligy

Found out yesterday that in our (MVAC) eagerness to publicise the “Alex Boddy Charity Shoot” we had inadvertently confused some people over the shooting format for the day, so a big SORRY if we have put anyone off from attending this Sunday.

The format is as follows:

The course will be set out as an FT set up, with targets set out between 8-55y, there will be 20 gates (lanes) shot between 2 pegs and there will be 2 target’s per gate.

You will be able to shoot it in your own preferred style I.E. if you are a HFT shooter and if that’s how you wish to shoot the course, then when sinning-in, tell us and you will be given a HFT score card, if you wish to shoot it as FT again when you sign in, let us know and you will be give an FT score card.

But, if you want to have a go at FT with your HFT set-up or vice versa then all you need to do is to have the score card in that Style and follow the rules and scoring for that discipline.

The reason behind this is that Alex would shoot our HFT courses that we would set out on Sundays as FT, so we have decided to flip it around slightly, also if you wish to shoot along side an FT or HFT shooter let us know on the day and will try and pair you up.

There will also be trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in both formats.

For directions to our Hen woods site visit our web page click on location, then click “view large map” then click “ access to Hen woods in the drop down , zoom in and you will get a very good idea of just how far up into the woods we are.

The prizes and donations for the raffle are growing day by day and with the possibility of the sun shinning + raising money for a great cause why would you want to be any where else

Hope this helps and If you need any more info please just send me a pm or post on here

Many thanks
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