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Almost time to kiss C goodbye (TFFT) and get ready to battle in B, I don't mind saying it's been a harder than I thought but it's been an enjoyable battle, who would have thought you'd need 43 to win a GP in C! I've still got so much to learn but I love it and will be out every weekend just try to get better.

That said it's great to see C grade growing so much and pushing on, proper future winners (10 Trophies next year BFTA). It's been just like watching a mates football teams scores as well, I still look to see what Andy, Ian and Nigel (last years winners) are doing, turns out I've some big boots to fill.

I'm taken the choice to never go back to C, even if I'm hitting rock bottom. I know what it feels like to walk in with a 35 dead chuffed only to find some bandit from B who came down on .22 has put another 41 in. Honestly, if you are coming down from B and you're taking trophies you need to have a word with yourself, even worse if you can't be arsed to pick any of them up! Vote yourself back up FFS.

After the Euro's it's all go but I think I'll still do some charts for B and C graders, us bottom feeders need the support. So Pops, Jason, Mike, Gav, Keith, Neil, Ryan and Rick it's been great battling and bantering - see you after the Euro's in B.
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